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Who Are We? - Laval

Harry Ohannessian
Harry Ohannessian Mortgage Broker

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1555 boulevard de l'Avenir, bureau 211 Laval, QC H7S 2N5 Canada
(514) 966-9889
(514) 966-9889

Why a mortgage broker?

Debt Consolidation Laval
How it works

The role of a mortgage broker is to explain the varying nuances of the multitude of mortgage products available to the retail consumer. Many clients base their decision solely on the interest rate.

Debt management can be just as complex as asset management. By engaging the services of a broker from Mortgage Planners, you can rest assured you based your decision upon the advice and experience of a true mortgage professional.

We often come across particular offers which appear attractive based on a low advertised rate, but you need to also consider the possible limitations that can be associated with that particular mortgage product.

For instance, the inability to make additional payments towards the principal, restrictions regarding the transfer of your mortgage from one property to another prior to the term coming due, or forcing you to repay the insurer's premium (i.e. CMHC or Genworth) when transferring or refinancing prior to maturity.

Understanding the underwriting criteria which differ from one lender to another will allow our Mortgage Planners broker to save you time and frustration as you are guided to the right financial institution for your specific financial situation.

Mortgage Planners is an independent mortgage agency which is not affiliated with any particular financial institution. The Firm receives compensation which is very similar from one lender to another.

This independence allows each broker to find the best products to suit your needs without having you contact all the different financial institutions on your own.

Debt Consolidation Laval

Contact a Mortgage Planners mortgage broker

Your broker will ask you to provide all the necessary information in order to complete a full analysis of your finances.

Your broker will provide you with a choice of product options and financial institutions that are most likely to meet your needs.

Once a decision has been made, your broker will send your application to the lender of your choice to get a mortgage commitment on your behalf.

As a Mortgage Planners broker is independent and works for you, it becomes beneficial to have all your dealings with that broker. He or she is your partner and ally who will walk you through the whole process from beginning to end.

Debt Consolidation Laval

Mortgage Planners' mortgage brokers receive compensation from the financial institution as part of its program, and this compensation will vary depending on the interest rate, mortgage term and conditions of the loan.

Commissions and bonuses offered under some programs may also be paid in points. Mortgage Planners may also receive money or other non-monetary benefits from the lender based on the volume of transactions.

If you have been referred to Mortgage Planners by a market intermediary authorized by law, the compensation received by Mortgage Planners may be shared for the mortgage service rendered. The mortgage broker acts as an intermediary between the client and the lender.

The Client will be requested to sign a disclosure notice attesting to their knowledge that such a fee has been shared with an intermediary.

For the financing of semi-commercial and commercial buildings, Mortgage Planner's broker will make arrangements with the client for a set retribution as this type of transaction is not paid for by the lenders.

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